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Our school


Uganda Harm Reduction Network (UHRN) is a youth led drug user initiative established in 2008 to respond to the drug use crisis   in Uganda. The network works to    advocate for practical interventions aimed at supporting and addressing issues of People Who Use and Inject Drugs (PWUIDs).The network also seeks to provide a national platform for health and policy programs that promote good practices and advocate for a supportive environment for the adoption, implementation and expansion of harm reduction programs for People Who Use and Inject Drugs (PWUIDs) in Uganda. Currently, UHRN’s geographical focus includes the following regions: Central Region, Eastern Region, Western Region and Northern Region.


Uganda Harm Reduction Network through its programming is committed to raise awareness and promote effective access to quality prevention, treatment, care and support services for PWUIDs living with and affected by HIV, TB, Hepatitis and SRHRs services. Read More »


  • To promote effective prevention, treatment, care and support for people People Who Use and Inject Drugs living with and affected by HIV, Hepatitis B & C, STIs, TB and other related health issues in Uganda.
  • To raise awareness and increase knowledge on SRHR” to full realization of drug user’s sexual reproductive health and reproductive rights in Uganda.
  • To increase young people’s knowledge on drug use, sexual health, HIV, TB and hepatitis B & C prevention and enable them to make informed choices about drug use and their sexual behaviour through skills development.
  • To advocate for policy and law reforms in order to reduce the criminalization and stigmatization of People Who Use and Inject Drugs in Uganda.
  • To promote and lobby for the adoption and inclusion of harm reduction programs as means of supporting safer drug use and reducing drug related harm among People Who Use and Inject Drugs in Uganda.
  • To maintain a sustainable national network that is effective, transparent and accountable to its membership.
  • Building of partnerships, synergy and develop leadership capacity/skills building for people who use drugs on issues of prevention, health interventions, policies, ethics, and technologies at all levels.

Our Core values:

  • Social justice, protection and recognition in society.
  • Honesty, accountability and transparency
  • Sharing the available resources.
  • Love and respect for one another.
  • Support and care for one another
  • Empathy for each other as People Who and Inject Use Drugs